Ph.D University of Malaya
M.Sc,B.Sc National University of Malaysia
Member Institution of Geology Malaysia (IGM)

Mohd Rozi bin Umor is a lecturer in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia in the field of Geology and has extensive experience in the field of engineering geology. He did a lot of research such as Igneous Rock - petrogenesis, Geochemistry and Tectonic Evolution and Mineralogy - Petrography, . He also has an experience in the search for mineral exploration, as well as competent in the investigation of the EIA, an Environmental Impact Study, EMP and ERP.

A lot of knowledge and experience he has shared through his consulting services in addition. He is also heavily involved in the various production of reports -especially technical reports. Production of scientific journals and books related to geology was also produced by him. Examples are as follows:

Mohd Rozi Umor. 2003. General Student Encyclopedia (EUP) Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka, Mohd Rozi Umor, 2004. Review of igneous petrogenesis Pangkor Island by aging and rock geochemistry (short-term investigation's final report code ST / 15/2003), Mohd Rozi Umor. 01-06-2004 to 01-07-2004. Petrographic study and qualitative potential Silica-alkali reaction (SAR) for two rock sample from Sabah. Prepared for the meantime. , Master Testing Services Sdn. Bhd, Chief Consultant and Mohd Rozi Umor. Date 10-03-2005 - 10-06-2005, Geochemical Exploration State of Kelantan, Integrad Berhad, Consultant Co.

His presence in Geo Mag Engineering is important in contributing ideas together, to share and exchange ideas and gather together his vast experience especially in the field of engineering geology. He is also involved with Geo Mag Engineering in the said works such as Keberintangan geoelektrik (Resistivity Survey) in Jalan Cochrane, Ampang Hilir and the latest was in Kota Tinggi. Johor.


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